In his introduction to the 2006  SEAPAVAA publication Lost Films of Asia Nick Deocampo wrote:

In a little over a hundred years, how many films have already been lost? Countless.
How many more will be lost? Innumerable.
How many have been saved?   Who’s counting?

This resource is an effort to attempt to address, at least in part, the last two questions.
It relies on your contributions to become even more reliable.


Lectures & Projects


Speaker in AIBD webinar on broadcast archives and digitisation

2020 東京オリンピック ブルーレイ US版インタビュー

An interview on the restoration of Tokyo Olympiad released in the US

2020 "オリンピック記録映画の歴史と  復元"      福岡市総合図書館    講演                                        Lecture on the "Documentary Films of the Olympic Games” at Fukuoka Public Library

2019 The Reel Thingアメリカ,ボルチモア、第一次世界大戦の実在音に関する講演

The Reel Thing@AMIA, Baltimore MD- Sound Recording in World War I



NHK Idaten - interview on Olympic films

2019 国立映画アーカイブ上映企画                        オリンピック記録映画特集 講演

Lecture at NFAJ Tokyo on Olympic Film history

2017 ポッドキャスト インタビュー

Podcast INTO THE ARCHIVES with Jayson Wall & Adrian Wood


Work in Progress

東南アジアにおいての映画アーカイブに         関する寄稿

Contributing to a publication for 2021 on film archiving in SE Asia

2021年公開ドキュメンタリー映画                   コンサルタント業務

Working with a major documentary on the importance of audio-visual records for release in 2021

英国、日本、ポーランド、セルビア、                  スペイン共同制作プロジェクト

Script development for co-production projects in the UK, Japan, Poland, Serbia & Spain